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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Abdul Samad Boy Muslim, Arabic Servant of the Eternal
Abdus-Samad Boy Muslim, Arabic Servant of the Eternal
AbdusSamad Boy Muslim, Arabic Slave of the Eternal, The Independent
Ahmad Boy Arabic Highly praised one
Ahmad Boy Muslim, Arabic Adored
Amadeo Boy Italian, Dutch Love of God
Amadora Girl Italian Gift of love
Hammad Boy Muslim, Arabic Praising (Allah)
Imad Boy Muslim, Arabic Support, pillar, confidence
Imadal Din Boy Muslim, Arabic Pillar of the faith
Itimad Girl Muslim, Arabic Reliance, dependence
Mad Boy Muslim, Arabic Old Arabic name
Mada Girl Muslim, Arabic Utmost point, degree
Madani Boy Muslim, Arabic Urban, civilized, modern
Madaniyah Girl Muslim, Arabic Civilised, cultured
Maddison Girl English Son of Maud

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Baby Name Mad - Mad Baby Name
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