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Name Gender Origin/Nationality Name Meaning
Daleela Girl Muslim, Arabic Guide, Proof
Dalia Girl Greek, Hebrew Branch, flower
Daliya Girl Muslim, Arabic Dahlia
Daliyah Girl Muslim, Arabic Grape vine
Dallas Girl Celtic, Gaelic Lives at the house in the dale
Dallas Boy Celtic, Gaelic Lives at the house in the dale
Dalton Boy English Farm, town in the valley
Dameer Boy Muslim, Arabic Heart, Conscience
Damian Boy Greek, Indian Harmless, tame
Damiana Girl Greek Harmless, tame
Damianos Boy Greek Harmless, tame
Damien Boy Greek Harmless, tame
Damini Girl Hindu Lightning
Damurah Boy Muslim, Arabic Sparkle of light, fire
Dan Boy Danish God is my judge
Dana Girl Swedish, Celtic From Denmark

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